Dec 11

Moore Deputy Shot On Duty

A Moore County Sheriff’s Deputy has been shot in the line of duty. The shooting happened today right around 12:00 noon on or off of Morrison Bridge Road in the Lobelia are of Moore County. At this point information is still coming in, however this is what we have learned so far from our on-scene reporter.

A Moore County deputy was at a residence for a reason that has not yet been clarified. While  at the residence the deputy was shot. The Life Flight helicopter was called to transport the deputy to a trauma center. While the helicopter was landing and the ambulance sat waiting the deputy went into cardiac arrest and paramedics began CPR.

A person who is having CPR cannot go into a helicopter so the ambulance left the scene heading to First Health Moore Regional in Pinehurst with a police escort. Many officers on the scene were openly crying, with other officers and emergency workers obviously on the verge of joining them.

The only other information released was that the deputy was a Moore County resident, and was married with a family. An unidentified person is under arrest in relation to today’s shooting.

This story courtesy of AberdeenTimes.com
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