Sep 11

Sewer line approval could help create jobs

A sewer line which will allow a Pinebluff manufacturer to expand has gained approval from both town and county officials. ATEX Technologies has been cooling its heels for two years while those same officials debated where to put it. That delay, according to County Manager Cary McSwain, adds two years and approximately 123-thousand dollars more than originally planned because negotiations stalled. ATEX, one of the town’s largest employers, makes fabrics, filaments and mesh for medical devices and surgical procedures. Eventually, its payroll of 71 workers, will swell to more than a hundred. The construction contract was put off for so long that the original contractor pulled out. Until the one-point-five miles of sewer pipe is laid, ATEX must pump out waste from an overflowing septic tank at accost of 10-thousand dollars a month. Once the project is completed, ATEX sewage will end up at the county operated water pollution control plant in Addor.
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