Sep 11

Other water options possible for Robbins

While Moore County negotiates with Robbins over the sale of its reservoir and water treatment facilities, public Works Director Randy Gould says there are other opportuniit6es to explore. Among them –buying water from Lee Count y, pumping water from a lumber River industrial intake near Wagram, or buying water from the Town of Laurinburg. Although Moore County Commissioners are expected to eventually cut a deal with Robbins, negotiations are likely to be prolonged. For one thing, Robbins would like a few seats on the board that governs the new North West Moore Water District. County Commissioner Tim Lea wants to increase the size of the reservoir, an idea that displeases the town’s governing body. Evan a County Commissioner, Craig Kennedy, thinks it unwise. Kennedy is serving his first four-year term and hails from the Robbins area. Lea reminds everyone that Moore County isn’t running out of water, so there is no hurry . The county is drilling a new well every couple of years and it will be a while before demand out runs supply. Says Lea, “ We are not in a crisis mode.” Adding, “we have time ot work through this.”
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