Sep 11

Hoke County hospital fight continues quietly

Mediation efforts have quietly replaced open warfare between Firsthealth Of The Carolinas and Cape Fear Valley Health System over who gets to build a hospital to serve Hoke county. The two health systems have been granted state permission to build competing hospitals in Raeford, but construction has been held up by legal appeals from both sides. Mediation could oculd change that, but only if the health systems are willing, says Jim Jones, a spokesman for The North Carolina Department Of Health And Human Services. The stat eis involved with the mediation between the parties, says Jones. The state has approved plans for a 41-bed hospital to be built by Cape Fear. Firsthealth has submitted a request with the state to build a 65-bed hospital. The state is expected to render a decision in November. Firsthealth wants to construct its facility on U-S401 in Raeford, about 2-point-5 miles from where Cape Fear plans to build its hospital and medical center.
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