Sep 11

Southern Pines still uneasy with power plant plan

The town of Candor’s decision ot ban incinerated chicken waste as a source of electrical power solves only part of the problem. Southern Pines is also uneasy with the alternative. Commissioners in the small Montgomery County town of Candor this week amended a local ordinance to prohibit the burning of animal products, including chicken litter. The amendment does not prohibit, however, an incinerator which would consume 70 tons of wood waste a day. After Monday Night’s rejection, Montaire Farms now plans to build a power plant at its poultry feed mill on the south side of town using wood products. The plant would be just 15-hundred feet from the headwaters of Drowning Creek, the sole source of water for Southern Pines, whose board of commissioners was represented when Candor reached its decision on a fuel alternative. Town Councilman Chris Smithson asked the Candor government body ot slow the permitting process os the environmental impact could be studied. Southern Pines also sells water to the Moore County System and to Whispering Pines, so any contamination of Drowning Creek could could be catastrophic.
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