Sep 11

Local residents opposed to waste fueled plant

Southern Pines Residents have joined a growing chorus of those opposed to a proposed power plant which would use tons of chicken waste as fuel. A physician who says he knows about such things calls it ‘ a disaster in the making.” Docotr John Monroe says the plant’s operations will release heavy concentrations of poisonous toxins into the air and water, especially harmful since the generator would be less than 15-hundred feet from Drowning Creek, the lone source of water for Southern Pines. The town also sells water to the Moore County System and to Whispering Pines. Southern Pines pumps about three million gallons of water a day from Drowning Creek and contamination could be catastrophic. Montaire Famrs wants to construct a plant just across the Moore County Line in the Montgomery Count y Town of Candor. Candor Resident Bill Bruton has led opposition ot the plant. Bruton has drafted a zoning ordinance amendment which would explicitly ban such a power plant. Southern Pines Mayor Mike Haney says town officials have only recently learned of the plant and have been scrambling to gather as much information as they can. The proposed facility represents a seven-point-five million dollar investment. It would employ three people. The Candor Board of Commissioners conducted a public meeting Monday Night where they heard questions about the safety and future use of the generator. In addition, opponents said they are worried about possible odors, property devaluation and potential air and water pollution.
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