Aug 11

Witness says Stewart was in control of his faculties

A Rebuttal Witness for the prosecution Monday testified that Mass-Murderer Robert Stewart was incomplete control of his faculties two years ago when he murdered eight people. Doctor Nicole Wolfe, a Forensic Psychiatrist, told jurors that none of Stewart’s mental or physical problems would have interfered with his ability ot act rationally that Sunday in 2009. Doctor Wolfe, who examined Stewart in Raleigh’s Central Prison Hospital, said Stewart’s claims that he was under the influence of the sleep aid Ambien are not credible. “He appeared to be exhibiting selective behavior looking for something.” Doctor Wolfe testified that the amount of Ambien in Stewart’s blood ten hours after the shooting was inconsequential as a result of his obesity. Stewart weighed nearly 400 pounds the day of the murders. Doctor Wolfe said she found his claimed memory losses “selective,’ and that his problems could not have prevented his knowing he was pointing a gun and shooting people. The 47-year-oold Stewart is charged with eight counts of first-degree murder for shooting to death seven elderly patients and a Male Nurse inside the Pinelake Health And Rehabilitation Center. Doctor Wolfe’s testimony contradicts that of defense medical experts. For example, Doctor George Corvin, a Forensic Psychiatrist with a practice in Raleigh, testified Stewart was under the influence of Ambien to a degree that left him helpless to understand what he was doing. Prosecutors insist the killings were premeditated and motivated by hatred for his ex-wife who left him two weeks before the shootings. An employee of Pinelake, she was safely hidden behind locked doors the day of the shootings. Prosecutors say they intend to produce more rebuttal witnesses during the week.
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