Aug 11

Day 2 of Stewart trial brings more details

It’s day two of the trial in Carthage of Confessed Mass-Murderer Robert Stewart with prosecutors emphasizing the meticulous planning and savage ferocity of the attack that took the lives of eight people two years ago. Contrast that image with the one offered by the defense. He was, say Stewart’s attorney’s, under the influence of the sleep-aid Ambien on the day of the murders and doesn’t remember a thing. Attorney Jonathan Mergerian described his 47-year-old client as deeply depressed who sought medical help two days before entering the Pinelake Health And Rehabilitation Center with murder on his mind. Michael Gillis was visiting his ailing grandmother that fateful day as the burly Stewart prowled the halls of Pinelake. He was there to watch Stewart calmly walk up to 89-year-old Wheelchair-Bound Lillian Dunn and pull the trigger on his 12-guage shotgun. She was blown away. Gillis then encountered Male nurse Jerry Avant lying in a pool of blood at the end of a hallway. With tears streaming down his face as he recalled the scene yesterday for jurors, Gillis said he asked what he could do for the mortally wounded nurse. “Nothing,” came the reply,” “I’m going to die.” And he did, along with seven elderly residents of the nursing home, helpless in their wheelchairs. Two others were wounded. With that testimony from an eye-witness, Avant’s Fiance, Jill Degermo, Let a sob from the court gallery and several other family members broke down as well.
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