Aug 11

A Drunk Motorist didn’t know when to quit.

After 47-year-old Michael Dowdle rear-ended another car on North Sandhills Boulevard in Aberdeen, he sped away from the scene with the driver of the damaged car, 59-year-old David Francis, spread-eagled on the hood. Police say Francis told them he jumped on the hood of Dowdle’s 2006 Chevy Car to prevent him from getting away. It seemed, he says, like a good idea a the time. Only a traffic stop prevented the older man from becoming a permanent hood ornament. Francis slid ot the ground when Dowdle obeyed an order to stop from Southern Pines Police Officer Sean Kelly who was in pursuit. Dowdle took off again but was eventually taken into custody at a police barricade on Midland Road in Pinehurst . Beside sa charge of driving while intoxicated, Dowdle is accused of assault with a deadly weapon with attempt to kill, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident. He’s in jail on 61-thousand dollars bond.
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