Jul 11

Elderly hero saves her daughter from rabid fox

An 80 year-old Aberdeen Woman rescued her daughter from a rabid fox yesterday, then stunned the animal with a shovel before calling 9-1-1. Martha Sweringen heard her daughter’s cries from inside their Chancery Lane home. Shovel in hand, the older woman says “I gave it everything I had nad it went down.” A neighbor showed up a recycling bin ot imprison the fox until animal control officers arrived ot destroy it. Virginia Clayton says she was walking outside her home early Tuesday Morning when she noticed the reed fox as one she had seen around the area a few times before. The animal attacked without warning and sank its teeth into the leg of its terrified 48-year-old victim. “It was like an alligator bite. “I’m screaming and yelling. I grabbed it by the scruff of his neck to shake him loose,” says Clayton, “but as soon as he let go of one leg he started on the other.” In the meantime, her mother arrived. She too, was bitten, in the foot, as she beat the crazed animal into submission with her shovel the 80-year-old received three stitches, her daughter nine. They drove themselves to Moore Regional Hospital for treatment. Both women are being given preventative rabies shots. According to Moore County Authorities, until Tuesday’s attack only three animals, a skunk and two raccoons, had tested positive for rabies this year.
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