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Sunrise in the Sandhills Have U Heard...? Brought to you by Audiology of the Sandhills If you've got the guts, L-A's got the slide. The Skyslide opens tomorrow in Los Angeles. It's a glass tube perched on the side of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown L-A, the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi. Riders go from the 70th to the 69th floor, while peering down at the street 1,000 feet below. An AP reporter who tried it calls a ride on the Skyslide "utterly terrifying." The slide is part of a $50 million renovation that includes an open-air observation deck and a bar. Tickets to reach the deck are $25. It costs 8 bucks more to ride the slide. (AP) Audiology of the Sandhills....owned and operated by Kate Tuomala, Audiologist since 1977.For all your hearing needs and resources, trust the experts at Audiology of the Sandhills... 692-6422
Sunrise in the Sandhills Good morning -- it's Friday June 24, 2016. As we head into a hot summer weekend in the Sandhills, we can expect mostly cloudy skies today, with the possibility of some thunderstorms this afternoon. High today 93. Now, courtesy of the Associated Press, here's your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. BRITISH POLITICS IN CHAOS AS UK VOTES TO EXIT EU The vote to leave the European Union, after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, shatters the stability of a project in continental unity designed half a century ago to prevent World War III. BRITAIN-EU 2. HOUSE OF CARDS: DAVID CAMERON'S LUCK RUNS OUT The British prime minister, who has coasted through politics on instinct and charm, made a gamble that has sunk his career as he says he will resign by the fall. BRITAIN-EU CAMERON 3. WHY BRITONS VOTED TO LEAVE EU Concerns about immigration and what some saw as the ever-increasing power of the 28-member bloc trumped the attraction of being part of a single market. BRITAIN-WHAT NEXT? 4. BREXIT SENDS GLOBAL MARKETS TUMBLING Stock markets and oil prices crashing and the pound hitting its lowest level in three decades. FINANCIAL MARKETS 5. CLINTON KEPT SEPARATE CALENDARS AS SECRETARY OF STATE An AP review finds Hillary Clinton kept one for public consumption and historical archives, but another that included scores of meetings with political donors and loyalists, Wall Street bankers, Clinton Foundation contributors and other outside interests. DEM 2016-CLINTON-CALENDARS 6. OBAMA CONTINUES TUSSLE WITH SUPREME COURT The high court's deadlock on immigration policy adds another chapter to the president's turbulent history with it and delivers a reminder that there's more to come. OBAMA-SUPREME COURT 7. HOW THE COURT'S LACK OF DECISION AFFECTS IMMIGRANTS Those living in the U.S. without legal authorization and their advocates are deeply disappointed, but they're also resolved that this isn't the end of the fight. COURT-DISMAYED IMMIGRANTS 8. WHERE THE POPE IS HEADED Pope Francis is bringing a message of peace and solidarity to Armenia as it marks the centennial of the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians that Francis himself has called a "genocide." ARMENIA-POPE 9. WHICH AMERICANA MUSIC PIONEER HAS DIED Appalachian music patriarch Ralph Stanley, who helped define the bluegrass sound of rapid rhythms, mountain folk and three-part harmony, has died at 89. OBIT-RALPH STANLEY 10. WHO WAS PICKED FIRST IN NBA DRAFT The Philadelphia 76ers selected Australian-born LSU freshman Ben Simmons with the No. 1 pick in basketball's annual pro draft, which set a record for international players selected. NBA DRAFT
Sunrise in the Sandhills Good morning -- it's Thursday Jun 23, 2016 -- and today will be HOT! High near 97 in the Sandhills today, with heat index values as high as 100! Now, cool off a bit with your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. HOW TRUMP IS AIMING TO PORTRAY CLINTON The likely Republican presidential nominee will lambaste his Democratic rival as a failed secretary of state who is out of step with Americans on trade and immigration. 2. LONDON IS MOST PRO-EU PLACE IN BRITAIN — AND LEAST The divide between the cosmopolitan business districts of the City and Canary Wharf and working-class Havering reveal the uncertainties and complexities of the upcoming vote. 3. PYONGYANG MAKING MISSILE PROGRESS North Korea takes a significant step in the development of a powerful ballistic missile intended to reach U.S. bases in the Pacific, launching one of the weapons about 620 miles high after five failed attempts in recent months. 4. IN LEBANON, THE OTHER WAR Lebanese troops have been making steady progress in fighting against Islamic extremists holed up in the mountains along the Syria border. 5. DARING RESCUE UNDERWAY IN SOUTH POLE After flying through dangerous dark and cold, a rescue plane lands at the polar outpost to evacuate a sick worker from a remote U.S. science station. 6. FOR-PROFIT MED SCHOOLS POPPING UP AROUND US The schools promise to create new family doctors for underserved rural regions, but critics question whether companies keeping an eye on profits can properly train the next crop of physicians. 7. HOUSE REPUBLICANS OFFERING PROPOSALS FOR HEALTH CARE CHANGES GOP initiatives to repeal and replace "Obamacare" are being unveiled amid the tumult of the presidential campaign. 8. AMERICANS STILL WANT TO OWN HOMES But student debt, rising rents and the leftover wreckage from the nearly decade-old housing bust are restraining people's ability to buy, a study finds. 9. WHO IS IN RUNNING FOR TOP DOG The pumi, a high-energy Hungarian herding canine, is the latest new breed headed to the Westminster Kennel Club and many other U.S. dog shows. 10. TOP GOLFER PULLS OUT OF RIO GAMES Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy says concerns about the Zika virus make competing in the Brazil Olympics not worth the risk. (Associated Press)

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