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WIOZ 550AM WIOZ 550AM just spoke with Mary McBryde from the Aberdeen Prescription Shoppe. It's our Featured Facility for our Vital Signs Health Fair today. They are a full service pharmacy in the Town and Country Shopping Center and would love to be your family pharmacy. The accept all forms of insurance, have a convenient Drive Thru and will even deliver your medications to your home. Watch their Vital Signs Video to learn more and visit their website to refill your prescriptions. http://star1025fm.com/features/vitalsigns/171-aberdeen-prescription-shoppe
WIOZ 550AM ON THE AIR: WIOZ 550AM just featured Dr. Mandy Kuhn Grimshaw from Kuhn Dental Associates for today's Vital Signs Health Fair. They are our Featured Facility for the day and their team provides a fully comprehensive range of services, from conducting routine exams to treating the most complex dental cases. Click the link to watch their VS Video and learn more about all the treatments they provide. http://www.star1025fm.com/features/vitalsigns/137-kuhn-dental-associates
WIOZ 550AM Today's Vital Signs Featured Facility is our longtime friend and partner Pinehurst Orthopedic Group, P.A.. Dr. Guevara and Dr. Marino are always finding new ways to reduce your pain and improve your life. From new groundbreaking procedures to the latest safe and effective medications, you can trust Pinehurst Orthopedic Group to make the best choice for your health. Visit their Virtual Booth for helpful links and to their watch their Vital Signs Video. http://star1025fm.com/features/vitalsigns/55-pinehurstortho
WIOZ 550AM Did you know that risk for colorectal cancer increases with age? More than 90% of colorectal cancers occur in people aged 50 and older. If you are 50 or older, it is time to get screened. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and we'll be providing facts throughout the month to remind you to get screened. Sponsored by FirstHealth Cancer Care and firsthealth.org. #GetScreened

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