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Rich N Jenny Jenny caught Rich sleeping on the job last week!
Rich N Jenny Jenny: So, I found out today that "National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day" is actually in October. That holiday is going to come back around quickly for Uncle Richie! Rich Rushforth!
Rich N Jenny Our throwback picture for today! Jenny was probably about 25 and Rich about 35...
Rich N Jenny It's another grueling day at the office for Rich & Jenny. Today they're checking out some awesome chairs from Sweet Dreams! #bestjobever
Rich N Jenny It is "National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day" and there was no way Jenny was gonna let it go by without getting in a "Rich Slap". Enjoy the day and try not to get fired! Star 102.5FM
Rich N Jenny Jenny: I'm getting ready to slap Rich Rushforth in honor of national slap your annoying coworker day! Video to follow shortly!
Rich N Jenny Jenny: Rich....
Rich N Jenny Happy Dad's Day from Star 102.5FM and Rich N Jenny Moore County....may your day be filled with the love and admiration of all you meet. Unless you've had no that case just have a regular day. A good day..just nothing special unless you are a father :)

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