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Rich N Jenny
Star 102.5FM Have you visited the Star 102.5FM Video Vault? It's like a local version of youtube with videos from Rich N Jenny, Patrick Kelly and the M&M Show as well as many of the great businesses in Moore County. Why work today when you could be watching videos on the internet!
Rich N Jenny Jenny is SO blasted heavy handed. She yanked the mic right out of the mic boom. Making work for Rich while she leaves for Florida.
Rich N Jenny Your good news for the day!
Fort Worth Police on Twitter “Petey Reunited with Owner! #home #rescued”
Rich N Jenny We are SO PROUD of Vrnda Bailey & Watch My Wag, LLC for this outstanding award! Tune in tomorrow morning at around 7:45 to hear all about how they became a Sustainable Sandhills Green Business!
Watch My Wag, LLC WMW is proud and super jazzed to have been chosen to receive the 2016 Green Facilities Management award from Sustainable Sandhills. Sustainable Sandhills is it independent third-party green business certifier. WMW has had a commitment from the beginning to GREEN standards for the health of our employees and the wonderful animals in our care! Well done team!!

Walk the Walk Green Facilities Management:
Recognizes Facility managers who have demonstrated a dedication to sustainable facilities operations.
❖ Watch My Wag
Watch My Wag is an original Sustainable Sandhills certified Green Business and takes tremendous pride in being an eco-friendly animal behavior center & kennel. Watch My Wag has developed a comprehensive facility management system in such a way that their sustainability ethos exceeds a mere reuse strategy. From going paperless in everything from receipts and report cards to kennel ID tags and promotional material, to a lighting strategy that prizes daylight and fresh air, Watch My Wag has taken a philosophy of health and holistic well-being and aligned it with the commitment to leaving the lightest carbon footprint possible. Watch My Wag has combined infrastructure with behavior change. They have not only committed to passive siting, daylighting, and green building techniques and they continue to improve and challenge themselves. This year on the docket is lighting upgrades but they don’t just stop there- an employee conservation challenge is starting in the near future!
Rich N Jenny
Sandhills411 Breaking News: The Moore County Sheriff's Department reports that Poplar Street in Aberdeen will be closed from Elm Street to Knight Street and Sycamore Street to Maple Street until further notice.
Rich N Jenny Star 102.5FM Breaking News: Accident on HWY 211 in front of the new Harris Teeter is blocking 2 lanes of traffic. Likely it will be blocked for some time but hopefully will be cleared by the 5 o'clock commute. Please avoid this area if possible. Thanks to Aberdeen Times for the report.
Rich N Jenny Rich working out in the studio!
Rich N Jenny
Star 102.5FM Join Rich and Star 102.5FM broadcasting LIVE from the new Ace Hardware store in Whispering Pines. He'll be on the scene from 10am - 12 noon telling you all about the new store and giving you prizes. To celebrate their Grand Opening Ace Hardware is offering a FREE gift to the first 200 customers and chances to win a $100 Gift Card.

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